Capturing Meteora’s awe-inspiring beauty

“One of the most amazing places in Greece,if not the world, is Meteora” says Matt Barett in his travelogue. “If you have seen pictures of Greece or spend any time looking through travel brochures then you have certainly been impressed by the monasteries perched on top of enormous rocks and have probably wondered how on earth they built them. read more

Pants Update


Menswear is getting upgraded. We present you the four pants of the season, each one of them representing a trend that the fashion world adores this Spring. These are the four easiest ways to be fashionable in an instant. Inject your wardrobe with a “pop of colour” as there’s a strong undercurrent of bright shades throughout menswear for spring. Pink stretch cotton printed panel trousers by Etro . – Available at Luisa World Kolonaki. read more

Audrey Hepburn was mystified by her stardom


“She was quite amazed by the fact that she was seen as such a beauty icon and actress,” told the Daily Mail Lucca Dotti, Audrey Hepbrun’s son. “She was very shy about that part of her appreciation.” One of the most photographed women in the world and definitely one of the most celebrated stars globally, Hepburn’s elegant style and elfin beauty mesmerized many. She still does. read more