Paxos cosmopolitan calling


Located south of Corfu, this tiny and picturesque piece of land has a distinct cosmopolitan vibe to it. As the (many) yachts moor in its ports, Paxos is the Big Blue version on the northern side of the Ionian Sea.

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Yacht Club


The time has come and you are about to enter the boat life. Of course, while the desire to look chic while cruising remains the same as when in land, it does take some creative styling to ensure your ensemble works at sea as well as it works on the pavementWe are here to help you out. Navy blue and white cotton sweater by Saint Laurent . – Available at Luisa World Kolonaki. read more

How to live carefree

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Journalist, author, designer, brand consultant, and adventurer Julia Chaplin is here to show us how to live like an original bohemian creature. The frequent contributor to The New York Times, Elle, W, and Travel & Leisure coined the term Gypset and created the Gypset book series that includes Gypset Style (2009), Gypset Travel (2012) and Gypset Living (2014). read more