Surfer dudette

MERMAID CHIC – An irresistible summer with Effie Vrakas

Surfer dudette
Effie Vrakas was born in Greece in 1992, by a French mother and a Greek father. Besides ruling the waves and having traveled the world as a competitive and free surfing champion, she has a bachelors degree in marketing and business administration, her own neoprene bikini line NESOI AQUAWEAR, and an adorable little baby.

Effie, what is your motto?
“After the ocean I loved motherhood”

Define personal beauty.
I have seen beauty in my life and I was stunned, but then I met the person and I got disappointed. What I would really define as beauty is the beauty of personality, values, and morals. I consider kindness and generosity to be the ultimate values.

MERMAID CHIC – An irresistible summer with Effie Vrakas


What has been your greatest achievement?

Besides having my own family, my greatest achievement is winning the 7th place in the Asian championship open of surfing in 2014, competing among world known top professional surfers.

What is the thing that draws you in the water, over and over again?

Surfing is like an addiction for me, it’s a feeling out of this world. In the water I feel fulfilled and one with the ocean. I’m a wave-holic. Riding the wave, trying
myself in the difficult stuff, meeting people, making new friends, exchanging experiences is an adventure I always cherish and anticipate. Even surfing along
with sharks, wales, dolphins, sea lions and mantas makes this feeling stronger and more unforgettable. Feeling nature to the bone.

Describe your personal style.
I love all time classic items, for instance I love being dressed in linen from head to toe during the summer. I believe that a nice handbag perfects one’s style. Another good option is jeans during daytime. A silk dress is always a good idea for a formal event.

MERMAID CHIC – An irresistible summer with Effie Vrakas
MERMAID CHIC – An irresistible summer with Effie Vrakas

Style hero?
Proud to say that my style hero is Greek, Evangelie Smyrniotaki, a styling expert who has been acknowledged around the world by the best designers.

Favorite item in your closet?
My vintage Levis blue jeans.

What do you pack for a quick getaway?
Depending on the destination and season I could pack my bikinis, sunscreen, some loose white linen dresses, and a coral lipstick. Or, an old time classic black coat, my blue jeans, a white blouse and my booties. In all cases I never forget my camera.

Favorite song in your head when you are riding a wave?
“Islands” by We were lovers.

MERMAID CHIC – An irresistible summer with Effie Vrakas