Gray Malin

Gray Malin: Summer as a state of mind
Gray Malin: Summer as a state of mind

Gray Malin: Summer as a state of mind

Even at 16, Gray Malin could see the world through his own eyes. Studying masters like Andre Kertesz, he knew what his future held for him, even though he double majored in photography and marketing. After only a short year of working for the Paramount Studios promotional department, he finally got internships with major league photographers only to take off on his own, creating a world that we always knew existed but not quite grasped, until he showed it to us through his masterfully structured visual universe.

Gray Malin: Summer as a state of mind
Gray Malin: Summer as a state of mind

When did you first pick up the camera and what did you shoot? 

I discovered photography as a teenager and loved it from the beginning. I never really thought of it as a viable career but in college, I pursued it as a second major and never gave up on ‘the dream’.

What do you look for, in an image, either yours or someone else’s? 

From above, I love finding repetition and interesting patterns-  skiers on the slopes, people in the park or sunbathers basking in the sun. Then from below, with a more conceptual collection like Gray Malin at the Parker, I love the juxtaposition of something unexpected in a beautiful setting. I mean, one wouldn’t typically expect a couple Penguins to be hanging out at the pool of a luxury resort, right?

Do you already host your images inside your head and just look for them in the world around you or do they appear to you?  

I find inspiration in anything and everything. I will say some of my ideas can be a little out there, so they take time to research and execute. However, there is definitely one common denominator:  each concept ignites an incredible adventure; traversing the globe to bring inspired visions to life. I cannot help but want to make work that will ignite conversation and spark imagination.

Gray Malin: Summer as a state of mind
Gray Malin: Summer as a state of mind

Do you like orchestrating your universe or are there things left to chance? 

Both happen, as with my aerial shots they are taken over the course of a one-hour helicopter flight, so I tend to find my rhythm at the same time as capturing the shots. Whereas with conceptual series, a lot of prep time including definitive shots are planned in advance.

What was the most surprising and unexpected picture you ever took? 

My Antarctica series, it was by far the most challenging body of work I have captured to this date. The beauty of the continent is phenomenal but with unforeseeable winds and shifting ice, it certainly is not the most cooperative place to shoot.
It is one of the places that will change your entire perspective about our world.
I’m very proud of this body of work and also happy to provide a portion of the sales proceeds to The Climate Reality Project.

What has been your favorite beach to photograph and why? How many have you visited so far? 

Cape Town, South Africa. I was there to photograph the beaches for my A La Plage series, but I also made time to truly experience what the country had to offer. I just loved everything about it from the people to the beaches to the landscapes and everything in between. I have photographed beaches in North America, South America, Africa, Australia, Asia, Europe and numerous islands.

Gray Malin: Summer as a state of mind

Out of Office, Llama with Pink Balloons, Nude Beach San Francisco, Psarrou Beach Mykonos,
The Sunbathers Italy, Beach Kayaks, Amalfi Coast Pool, Boat Ride White Haven