When Richard Avedon captured the beauty of Mykonos

With summer marching on, we can’t help but daydreaming of Mykonos. The Greek island that defined an era of beauty made of jet-setters and windmills under the vivid sun of Cyclades, this idyllic enclave in the middle of the Aegean  which, shortly after Jackie Kennedy became Jackie O. became the It spot for the jet-set crowd of the 60s and 70s.

Frequented by the likes of Grace Kelly, Sophia Loren, and Brigitte Bardot, to name a few Mykonos became the ideal location to shoot the fashion editorials that mattered. In our search for anything that would surprise us, we discovered a treasure hidden in Internet’s vault of memories. Richard Avedon’s elegant homage to Greece.

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‘The Shrimp at Sea’ first appeared on the U.S. Vogue January 1967 issue. Shot in Athens and the islands it features two iconic protagonists, the supermodel Jean Shrimpton and the French photographer Jeanloup Sieff.

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Part of the action takes place on the ‘Creole’, the then most magnificent private sailing vessel in the world, owned by Stavros Niarchos. As the “lovers” sail the Aegean Sea, visiting beaches and Ancient Greek ruins (including the stunning Delos), they are the embodiment of the young, rich and beautiful jet-setters that gave Mykonos it’s legacy. Dressed in white, portrayed in elegant black and white shots Shrimpton and Sieff are part of a very Greek beauty.


A beauty called Mykonos.