Vogue Paris on the Virgil Abloh phenomenon

Vogue Paris on the Virgil Abloh phenomenon
“In just under ten years, he has gone from Kanye West’s stylist to founder and creative director of streetwear label Off-White” notes Vogue Paris on the influential fashion designer and all things style du jour Virgil Abloh.
The Chicago native Virgil Abloh studied as a civil engineer at the University of Wisconsin, followed by a masters in architecture at the Illinois Institute of Technology. A long-term creative advisor to rapper Kanye West, Abloh launched his label, Off-White, in September 2013.

The LVMH prize awarded Abloh launched his own concept store after an internship at Rome’s Fendi in his hometown, Chicago, alongside Don C, co-manager of Kanye West. After RSVP Gallery Abloh launched his first label, Pyrex Vision, in 2012. Two years later Abloh’s next project, Off-White challenged streetwear and high fashion dynamincs.

 “Abloh was inspired by Nicolas Ghesquière’s Join A Weird Trip line for Balenciaga’s Fall/Winter 2012-2013 collection, fascinated by the idea of streetwear pieces featuring the logo of a couture house. It was this idea that acted as a catalyst for Off-White. Since its creation, the brand has not stopped gaining fans, including industry professionals. Social media has undeniably played a role in the label’s soaring success, especially amongst Millennials; Off-White currently counts more than 2.6 million Instagram followers with 1.4 million following Virgil Abloh himself” notes Vogue.
Abloh’s fashion spree will be celebrated in 2019 at the Museum of Contemporary Art in his native Chicago.

Cover photo via Instagram / @off____white