Veronica Etro’s call of the wild

“The show notes stated that the Etro woman had risen from the sand and the heat of the desert like an opulent mirage” says Sarah Harris of Vogue Veronica Etro’s free-spirited collection. Dressed in fringed ponchos and criss-cross laced suede shoes, this woman is ready to burn her spirit gracefully. Her feathered lariats and other beaded strings that tell stories of this adventurers travels. You’d spot her a mile off in that decorative poncho streaming in fringe, and yes, those slouchy suede boots, fringed, and criss-cross laced. The Navaho palette brings a sense of wild adventure to the collection with distinct rich and colorful embroideries as the house paisley is printed over bohemian dresses. Radiant and upbeat feminine this is a light-hearted collection for the wild spirited woman that knows that summer is all about exploring your inner spirit which longs for freedom. Shop the new collection at Farfetch.

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Photos via Etro