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It was in the 1890s when the Feltrinelli family purchased one of the finest pieces of waterfront real estate on Lake Garda to build an ornate neo-gothic fantasy. Situated just outside the picturesque village of San Gagnano this historic estate have been admired by the statesmen and artists alike for almost a century but in the 90s, a new era has started.


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When the family fortunes declined, the villa ended up on the market and since been bought and transformed into a hotel by Bob Burns of Regent Hotel fame. Since 1997 the legendary hotelier made it a labour of love restoring the villa and everything to the highest standards imaginable.

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In the world of hotels, Villa Feltrinelli is unique. It epitomises seductive luxury on a very private scale, yet it has a location one would usually associate with a very grand hotel. It still looks like a villa, and more importantly each and every guest is made to feel as if it is their villa. With towers and frescoes, pools of marble and an enchanting mirror-walled drawing room, Feltrinelli delivers on every level.


Of course the Michelin-starred restaurant and the ratio of 85 staff to a maximum of 42 guests means the food and the service are extraordinary. Make it your next stop for 2015.

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What to pack:

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For more info visit Villa Feltrinelli. Photos via Concierge .