The newcomer/ Dylan Brosnan is Hedi Slimane’s favorite youngster

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s son does it. Stephen Baldwin’s daughter Hailey is already an upcoming model. So it is no wonder that a new celebrity offspring is carving out a career in modeling. With a handsome Bond, James Bond as his father figure, Dylan Brosnan is photogenic. The 17-year-old’s good looks and lean physique caught the attention of Saint Laurent creative director Hedi Slimane while walking down the sidewalks of Malibu, Los Angeles who decided to photograph him in the fashion house’s Permanent Collection line.

Dylan is obviously the son of Pierce Brosnan and his second wife Keely Smith. He is a film student and a musician and he is living a low profile California dream. In his modelling debut, Pierce Brosnan’s son is showcasing the wardrobe staples from Saint Laurent‘s collection of rock chic along a pretty impressive roster of musicians who have already collaborated with Slimane’s artful lens in various ways.

Think Marilyn Manson. Think Marianne Faithful. Think Daft Punk. Well, think whatever you like as long as you agree with Saint Laurent’s choice of a new kind of Brosnan, Dylan Brosnan.