The memorable past of 1950’s jet setters

They “perfected the art of nonchalant elegance, never admitting to others or themselves that they lived primarily to wear clothes and certainly never letting slip that the remotest bit of work went into their appearance”.


This is what the special breed of swans were a special breed — women like Paley, Onassis, Thyssens, Kelly to name a few — was all about according to British journalist Nicholas Foulkes who captured the the bygone era of wealth, adventure, and endless amounts of glamour of the 50’s in Assouline’s elegant tome SWANS: Legends of the Jet Society.


From intimate photos of Jackie Kennedy Onassis to images from the Conde Nast archives, the 300-page book illuminated the crème of 20th-century high society as they lived in style in Acapulco, the French Riviera and anywhere in between. This is your introduction to the most luxurious international elite humanity has ever encountered.