The investment/ Roger Vivier’s iconic shoes

Roger Vivier –the brand credited with inventing the stiletto–has a long and rich history. The legendary shoe and accessories designs of this master designer elevated both the form and decoration of ladies’ shoes and his innate Parisian style embodied a sense of perfection and craftsmanship. His work was coveted by style icons from Elsa Schiaparelli to Jackie Onassis, a “level of charm, delicacy, refinement and poetry unsurpassed” as he was once described by Yves St. Laurent. Vivier created the first stiletto heel for a ready-to-wear shoe line with the house of Dior in 1955 and since then his shoes are legendary. Today the tradition of his innovative spirit continues with the revival of the house by current designer Bruno Frisoni, who has updated Vivier’s concepts, bringing his own touch to signature shapes and embellishments (including the buckle pump made famous by Catherine Deneuve in Belle du Jour).

Inès de la Fressange, a woman that is French chic personified, a role model of a model that she became the face of France when she was chosen as Marianne, is brand ambassador to the legendary French footwear label.

Under her guidance, Vivier became a very contemporary hot commodity. “Brands like Vivier are pillars—they are monuments of fashion; they are names we don’t forget” she says. “I met Vivier in 1995 or ’96. It wasn’t really the vintage period, so maybe it was a bit too soon. But he was a great teacher and I have a lot of respect for him. All shoe designers were inspired by him, since he went in so many directions.”

“I remember one day Bruno had made a kind of boot that was a ballet shoe with the heel inside. I found the inside heel very weird. Six months later, when it was in the stores, I ended up buying it. So, I tell myself that designers are here to shake things up” she commented on her collaboration with the creative director of the iconic company that is different. It is luxurious without being uptight. It is French without being conventional and grim.

“The essence of fashion is lightness, frivolity, and I’m very nostalgic for the time when Bérard was doing the windows, Cocteau was writing a play, Chanel did the costumes, Bérard did the sets” she told in Interview Magazine. Fashion is made up of paradoxes but Roger Vivier legacy is alive and pure aesthetics. If there is a way to elevate your style, a stiletto of great history is the best investment ever.

True story.

Images via Interview Magazine