The icon/ Madonna is victorious once again

In case you were missing this past week, Madonna just did a rather exquisite photo shoot for the art issue of Interview Magazine. Posing in high-necked, long-sleeved latex, like a boss, the Queen of Popland is wearing rubber and leather, she is halfway into bondage and at one point, her 56-year-old breasts are visible for Mert & Marcus to photograph. Of course this seriously stunning portfolio is accompanied by a seriously interesting interview by Madonna’s friend David Blaine. In this Art Issue they discuss culture and other things that are important for her.


Life, death, philosophy, the importance of silence and performance, angels, prayers, success, failure, her days in 1980s New York City with Andy Warhol and Jean Michel Basquiat, her drugs, her sobriety.


Of course everybody had a thing to say about her figure and presence. Rosie O’Donnell of The View got closest to the heart of the matter. “If my titties looked like that, I’d be nude right now… The thing is, she’s beautiful and proud of her body and always has been.”


And she is so damn right. Madonna has been posing topless since her early years. Pre-fame photos of her showed up in a 1985 issue of Playboy and her controversial Sex book redefined erotica back in 1992.


She does naked better than any other pop star in history and she is a winner all over.


Smart and provocative and religious Madonna is forcing the world to see a 56-year-old sexual being and that’s another small victory for the woman who is named Madonna as the wealthiest recording artist in the world, with a net worth of $800 million.


So let’s not talk about her Givenchy and Alexander McQueen clothes or her breasts no more.


Photograph by Mert & Marcus for Interview Magazine