The comeback/ Twin Peaks sweaters are back with a vengeance

When David Lynch and Mark Frost confirmed that Twin Peaks is back for a limited nine episode series on Showbiz Network, the internet exploded in small pieces of plaid flannel. Just like the fashion this eerie cult drama brought to TV almost 23 years ago. Haunting and sexy and disturbing, the series that defined an era is back to define the pop culture of 2016. Because in two seasons from now the sartorial choices of this oddball community up in the mountains will be there. In the fashion shows, the trends and the runways. Those ill fitting jeans, a touch of Americana, some plaid and shades of leather, everything was combined perfectly under the artistic direction of Sara Markowitz. Authentic in style, every character in this surreal piece of entertainment looked like common people wearing common clothes with a twist. But Twin Peaks was the first murder mystery show with a thing for knitwear. Oversized or fluffy or sexy the Audrey Horne way, knits will be back to haunt our nights again.

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