The Bold And The Beautiful Caroline Issa

“I go to the shows because that’s what our business is about; it’s about supporting young talent; it’s about showcasing creativity and the main bit of my business is publishing a magazine” said consultant, ‘Tank’ founder and fashion director, street style star and designer Caroline Issa in Fashionista. “It’s more about discovery, getting inspired, what shows inspire you to create an amazing photo shoot for the next season. I come to get inspired, to learn more and figure out who we can support” she added. This woman is no stranger to the fashion world. She was 17 years old when her mixed heritage and style her a place as a model on the runways of Milan. Her high cheekbones are the perfect match to her much photographer ubiquitous street style, an icon, a business woman, Caroline Issa is working girl for the twenty-tens.


“As a teenager I really got to understand what my potential career could be like as a model. I wanted to be in a position where I could have a say, make a decision, so that summer I applied to Wharton Business School,” she told BoF. “Definitely the opposite end of the spectrum; I was very, very nerdy for my college years and I decided that management consulting was the right path.”


“I met Masoud [Golsorkhi] and the founders of Tank and I was completely inspired. I thought I could change the world because I knew everything, that I could turn it around in six months, and then I had to completely restart and learn everything from scratch,” she joked Issa. This Singaporean, Lebanese and Iranian beauty invested her personal savings in the small publishing company, becoming a shareholder and joining the Tank masthead as the magazine’s publisher in 2002.


“I think my ambition is tied very much with my curiosity. Giving up an incredibly stable, well-paid expat job at the age of 25 to, essentially, for the first two years, pay to work at Tank… I think I have always been that type-A personality that takes a risk and just goes with it” Issa added. “You have to keep putting yourself in situations where you feel slight discomfort, to feel like you are a little bit alive and a lot like you are learning something. When I was sixteen, my mum gave me this book called ‘Feel Fear and Do It Anyway’ and I have kind of lived my life by it”. Her 77,249 Instagram followers seem to agree with any bold step she takes.

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Pictures: Instagram/caroissa