The Award/ Nendo named Designer Of The Year

Whilst Fashion Week took over Paris like a glamorous tour de force, Maison & Objet revealed the Designer Of The Year Award 2015 in a very tasty manner. Japanese design group Nendo created an installation by the name of the “chocolatexture lounge” – a chocolate lounge that would showcase some 400 “chocolatexture” chocolate sets on sale (and available to taste) for a limited time, as well as several pieces of furniture especially selected for their “soft melting feel”, designed by Nendo in the past for numerous manufacturers including Cappellini, Desalto, Glas Italia, Emeco, Offecct, and Moroso.

A “forest” of 2,000 8mm-thick aluminium pipes, painted in chocolate-coloured gradations created the feeling of “being surrounded by a rippling large molten chocolate wave”. The company’s creations – founded by Oki Sato, a native of Toronto, Canada-, are exhibited in museums and galleries around the world because they are unique. Just like this chocolate collection that alters texture and structure to affect taste.

Chocolatexture is a collection of nine different types of chocolate made in the same size but in various shapes and textures. The pieces feature pointed tips, smooth and rough exteriors, hollow interiors, and more. The different textures allow for differing tastes even though all the chocolate pieces in the collection are made of the same raw ingredients.

According to Nendo, numerous factors determine the taste of a piece of chocolate. These factors include what country the cocoa comes from, the kind of cocoa, the percentage content, the flavors inside, and the technique of the chocolatier. However, in their new chocolate concept, Nendo decided to put the focus on a different factor: the shape of the chocolate.

The nine pieces in the collection are named after Japanese expressions used to describe texture. Chocolatexture includes tubu-tubu or chunks of smaller chocolate drops; sube-sube with smooth edges and corners; zara-zara or granular like a file; toge-toge or sharp pointed tips; goro-goro or fourteen connected small cubes; fuwa-fuwa or soft and airy with many tiny holes; poki-poki or a cube frame made of chocolate sticks; suka-suka, a hollow cube with thin walls; and zaku-zaku, alternately-placed thin chocolate rods forming a cube. Nendo will keep on reforming the lifestyle of our time. In the meantime, chocolate anyone?