The Antisartorialist/ Street Style United

He is fascinated by the ordinary and he is ready to share it with us in the most literal way possible. Dutch photographer Hans Eijkebloom has taken over the past forty years thousands of photos of people on the street. A man of visual talent, he has taken the lens off himself and focused it on the people. His unique anthropological record of contemporary life is displayed in his current project, People of the Twenty-first Century.

Hans Eijkelboom would hang around areas with lots of pedestrians, often near malls, and look for recurring elements.

These could be things like men carrying purses, or couples walking arm in arm, band t-shirts, or gelled hair.

He would shoot for anywhere from half an hour to several hours, using a camera hung around his neck and a trigger in his pocket.

Later, in his Amsterdam studio he’d arrange the images into grids that he called ‘Photo Notes’.

Using repetition to show difference, the book published by Phaidon represents two decades of street snapshots that show that we are all the same.

This “anti-sartorial” photographic journal creates a fascinating picture of our mankind unified in specific visual themes. Individualism not included.