The alphabet/ Mary Katrantzou’s digital revolution is on

It is an absolute pleasure to start your day with a fresh slice of art curated by one of the most vibrant designers of today. When we found out through the typohile crowd over at Typorn that famed Greek-born fashion designer Mary Katrantzou and ArtStack had unveiled a brand new digital exhibition, we had to fathom her creative motives.An innovator in digital print herself, Katrantzou has developed her own distinctive world, a universe where design and fashion merge to create innovative style that people appreciate for its aesthetics as well as its function. The world’s first social media platform for art, ArtStack was the perfect partner for a project that’s both groundbreaking and inspiring from A to Z. The collection exhibited on the innovative ArtStack sees Katrantzou present a curation of lettered artworks that sit alongside her Resort 2015 collection, a perfect partner in crime with her range of alphabet printed sweaters and t-shirts. 


“I think the Mary Katrantzou woman is appreciative of design and art, as well as fashion, so collaborating with Artstack on this exhibition, I hope, will give people an insight into my own creative process and allow people from both the fashion and art communities to explore an environment and context for that discussion,” says the designer on the project.


“It is important to me to share the story behind my collections so that they can be appreciated by others as more than just aesthetical devices and used as a vehicle to open a discussion, explored and expressed through different scales and media.”


We have just discovered our own corner of the internet where fashion and art, Katrantzou’s long been bedfellows are having their own digital revolution. Please join the party.