Alessandro Michele wants to play like a boy

Alessandro Michele’s clothes were speaking volumes during his appearance at the Vogue Festival in London. There the Gucci Creative Director in embroidered silk baseball jacket, stripy socks, low heeled Mary Janes and an assortment of jewels spoke of fashion and creativity.

“Vintage is my vocabulary… like the notes of a musician,” he told British Vogue’s editor-in-chief Alexandra Shulman. These are some of his most inspirational quotes as the designer discussed how he had spent 14 years working at Gucci, first under Tom Ford – whose style he described as “American and hedonistic” and then with Frida Giannini.

On his wardrobe

“It’s a little room, it’s like Alice in Wonderland. It’s like a toy store… I have shoes which aren’t my size but I just buy them to keep, there are jewels, miniatures and paintings. With the stores, I just want to envision my perfect wardrobe…. I have shoes which aren’t my size but I just buy them to keep”

On his style

“I never want to go out wearing something sad. I want to be confused by what I’m looking at,” he said. “If you fall in love with a beautiful man, it’s not easy. It’s easier to be with an ugly man. There is a danger to beauty.”

On his most recent show

“It’s a creepy aesthetic. It’s sweet but also deep. I think the end of the world is when you are in touch with something beautiful.”

On how he creates

“I become mad, like a fever creating this story which goes from Elizabeth I to New York to the sea”.

On his reasoning

“I wanted to talk about ambiguity because ambiguous things are the most beautiful,” he said. “It is more about beauty than gender. I am in-between. Gender and sex are about rules which we have invented but we are animals, we belong to nature.”

On fashion overload

“In the last ten years, the market has been full of products,” he said, commenting on the collective shopping overload. “Fashion is not about products. Fashion is about an amazing idea that you tried and you either fall in love with the idea and you can’t resist to buy something. But you are buying the idea, you are not buying the object.”

On time

“It’s better if you don’t know what you’re doing tomorrow,” he laughed. “Honestly, the only pressure is not having the time to do everything. It’s a beautiful pressure. I don’t feel the pressure of the market – otherwise I wouldn’t be able to work.”

On what fashion is

“I prefer to play like a kid… fashion should be about this amazing idea which you are trying to understand and then you are buying the idea, not the object.”

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