Cardigan is forever

One of those “forever” pieces in menswear the cardigan is an item which remains essential for years to come.

“While the cardigan’s staying power is remarkable in and of itself, it becomes even more extraordinary when you consider that the design reaches back to the 1850’s” writes Wax-Wane’s Jake Gallagher. “Legend has it that the cardigan was born on the battlefield during the Crimean War, as Major General James Brudenell lead his British fleet against the Russians. Throughout the war as Brudenell and his men vanquished their enemies they were wearing knitted, sleeveless vests with buttons down the front. The garment became immortalized as tales of Brudenell and his men began to spread throughout post-war Europe. The truth is that the basic buttoned sweater had actually been around long before (possibly over a century), worn by fishermen who preferred the sweater’s open face design to constricting pullovers that could get in the way on the open sea. Alas, no one was really taking their wardrobe cues from lowly fishermen back then, but they would take them from a hero such as Brudenell, so the design became popular across the British empire and eventually the world. Brudenell’s official title was the 7th Earl of Cardigan, so, naturally, his signature piece of knitwear became known as the Cardigan”. Read more