Condé Nast Italia discontinues Vogue Italia’s sister publications

Condé Nast Italia is closing Vogue Italia’s sister publications L’Uomo Vogue, Vogue Bambini, Vogue Sposa and Vogue Accessory. Read more

The grace of dance, the art of movement

“Dance lovers, here is your Rodeo Drive shopping spree, your Four Seasons spa day, your celeb-indulgence wrapped in intoxicating finery. All you need ask yourself is: Do I prefer my ballerinas in tutus or inball gowns? Here, the dramatic lighting and compressed storytelling of a Vogue shoot are paired with gorgeous creatures who seem to be floating, flying or balanced on nothingness” reviews The Washington Post The Art Of Movement, a publication that captures the stunning athleticism and fluid beauty of ballet with striking , intimate portraits.

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