Cut-out geometry is Céline’s handbags new explosive secret

Cut-out geometry is Celine’s handbags new explosive secret

Céline’s handbags are a constant hit. Even though the fashion house is regarded as “one of the most opaque brands in the world when it comes to releasing information, photos and pricing about its handbags”Céline’s Spring 2017 collection features a variety of sleek bags available in Luisa World now.

This is Céline’s resort collection and it includes lots of favourites especially in the all-time classic combination of Black and White. 

Luggage Tote and Belt Bag are back yet there are numerous new enchanting designs. From the Medium Frame Shoulder Bag through the Micro Debossed Luggage Handbag to the geometric elegance of a Medium Luggage Phantom Handbag in cut out Calfskin leather Celine’s new objects of desire are stunning.

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