Leonard Cohen’s Greek years

Leonard Cohen will be missed. The gentleman and poet, passed away at age 82 and a very specific piece of Greek land, a haven of his, Hydra mourns. “I was writing novels, putting books of poems together” Cohen reminisced in a 1988 BBC interview filmed in his Hydra hilltop house. “We’d get up early, and have breakfast, and I’d go to work… I think I was on speed too, so I wasn’t eating very much.” Read more

Conde Nast Traveller’s ode to the immense glamour of Hydra

“The laid-back Greek island” is “a stop-off on the glittery international art circuit and yet the boho, go-slow Greek island of Hydra will always sway gently to its own rhythm” for Antonia Quirke who fell in love with the small Saronic island of Hydra.
“The port – a perfect horseshoe – backs into a high amphitheatre dotted with 18th-century mariners’ mansions painted citrine, picked out now by the morning sun. It is a Rip Van Winkle town, cute-warm and coiled around dazzling-bright labyrinths of steep steps and slender streets” she writes of the island that Leonard Cohen appreciates ever since the 1960s. Read more