Always the tan

A popular colour since, literally, forever, tan is a gorgeous, earthly hue that helps the 70s trend to burst into the fashion scene appropriately. Mic and match it with your favourite denim flares or fringed ensembles and let one of our favourite tan handbags become a must-have piece for a very bohemian summer. Light brown calf leather medium ‘Rive Gauche’ tote by Saint Laurent . – Available at Luisa World Kolonaki, Luisa World Kifissia. Read more

Be the man in black

Many of us often reject black clothing as too moody, too slick, too goth or too much like a chauffeur’s get-up. Fashion designers think otherwise and they know why. Black is classic and the color that most of the fashion crowd believes in. Black is power and hen you soften its edge, this potent style is ready for real life and massive impressions. In other words, black is the new black, period. Black leather belt by Saint Laurent , black leather ‘Court Classic’ hi-tops by Saint Laurent . – Available at Luisa World Kolonaki. Read more