Time to put away those mid-toned, sharkskin suits favoured by all those obsessed with Don Draper and his impressive manhood of another era. Get rid of the “garnish” -you don;t need a tie to feel like a man, you don’t wear a pocket square to be a gentleman. Smart casual is already here and wearability is THE big trend for the season. Many Italian luxury brands favour this hybrid of perfectly fitted casualwear with exquisite fabrics. After all a peacoat can, and should, feel like a cardigan and not the other way round. Made for the man who has no time to spend and no intention to look horribly dressed, casual luxury’s fine sculpted fabrics will provide you with the perfect armour. After all you are a workforce and you have to provide the best because from now on, you are your OWN brand. Cashmere chunky knit cardigan by Etro , cashmere blend geometric print scarf by Etro, T-shirt by Balmain, light blue jeans by Golden Goose Deluxe Brand . -Available at Luisa World Kolonaki.

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