Hail the elaborated yet effortless elegance of Jackie Kennedy Onassis

New York Times hailed Jackie Kennedy Onassis as the first “Instagram First Lady” because long before social media announced their icons, Jackie Kennedy Onassis was a true style-charmer.

“All the talk over what I wear and how I fix my hair has amused and puzzled me” Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis wrote in Campaign Wife the syndicated weekly newspaper column she wrote during John F. Kennedy’s 1960 campaign” reports NYT. “What does my hair have to do with my husband’s ability to be president?” she wondered. With the event of Pablo Larraín’s movie on “Jackie” we remember her fashion sense in full grace. 

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When Richard Avedon captured the beauty of Mykonos

With summer marching on, we can’t help but daydreaming of Mykonos. The Greek island that defined an era of beauty made of jet-setters and windmills under the vivid sun of Cyclades, this idyllic enclave in the middle of the Aegean  which, shortly after Jackie Kennedy became Jackie O. became the It spot for the jet-set crowd of the 60s and 70s. Read more

The memorable past of 1950’s jet setters

They “perfected the art of nonchalant elegance, never admitting to others or themselves that they lived primarily to wear clothes and certainly never letting slip that the remotest bit of work went into their appearance”.

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