Giovanna Battaglia loves Greece

From Lipsi island through Antiparos to Mykonos and Patmos, the Italian-born “fashion heroine” of our times spent a lot of time under the Grecian sun. Indeed we can’t think of a better promotion for our country than having Battaglia posting all those stunning images of pure blue on her much-hyped Instagram account.  Read more

The Luisa Beach Mykonian Summer

Almost ten years ago Luisa strolled her way on the “chic beach” of one of the Aegean’s most popular islands, Mykonos. Read more

In Patmos great stillness and beauty hovers over

For many Patmos’s moment may have really been in the ’60s, when prominent people began buying houses but this is not the case. This well kept secret among jet setters in the northern part of the Dodecanese complex kept its delicate balance unspoiled for centuries.

Read more

Athens by day, Athens by night. Athens at its best.

Agia Irini Square may be the most hyped place in Athens at the moment but this city of the Gods is no stranger to numerous hyped cocktail and coffee joints that will make your spirits alive and kicking. LUISAWORLD knows where to go for an all-day and night fun fest. Join the most eclectic crowd and enjoy the living under the big, blue Athenian sky. Read more