Enchanting spells: Frederick Malle’s seven products to own

Enchanting spells: Frederick Malle's seven products to own
Enter the seductive world of Frederick Malle, the renowned perfumer who proudly continues his family tradition full of enchanting senses.
From the all-time classic Portrait of a Lady, Dominique Porion’s body oil through Cologne Indeledible which never fades to Carlos Benaïm’s Eau de Magnolia we present you with seven products that will wake up the inner you and the story behind their seductive spell.

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Sense and sensibility, the Frédéric Malle edition

Ever since 2000, when Frédéric Malle introduced Editions de Parfums, a completely novel concept whereby the world’s greatest noses composed exclusive, creative fragrances to be sold under their names conquered our senses.


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