It’s all about the selfie

Founded by Andy Warhol, Interview magazine is celebrating the “selfie” generation as it should. Taking inspiration from fashion’s social media fixation the magazine created an Instagram-themed September issue featuring eight alternative covers with selfies of today’s extremely popular celebrities. Read more

The icon/ Madonna is victorious once again

In case you were missing this past week, Madonna just did a rather exquisite photo shoot for the art issue of Interview Magazine. Posing in high-necked, long-sleeved latex, like a boss, the Queen of Popland is wearing rubber and leather, she is halfway into bondage and at one point, her 56-year-old breasts are visible for Mert & Marcus to photograph. Read more

The vision/ Fabien Baron’s frozen beauty

He has been dubbed ‘pioneering’, a ‘living landmark in fashion’ and maybe this is an understatement. Fabien Baron, aged 55, is one of the few who live up to the moniker as he is a massive creative director, in the most absolute truest sense of the word. His eye has partitioned numerous magazines and his iconic work on American Harper’s Bazaar defined an era. The Nineties had a beauty through his vision where the graphic and architecture and visuals and style where powerful and sexy yet classy like a stark costume design. Read more

The cover girl/ Jesssica Chastain

If you are a human being that enjoys good entertainment, chances are you already know the new diva of Hollywood. With the final chapters of the “Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby” trilogy on theaters and another two films coming out in November, the red hor redhead is all over newsstands.

Read more