Kendall Jenner’s new controversy is all about India

Just weeks after her previous spot which caused a stir (ie. the infamous Pepsi ad), almost the same week Kendall Jenner was called for promoting one of the year’s biggest entertainment fiascos (ie. the amazingly failed Fyre Festival), the 21-year-old media personality is once again in the line of fire for gracing the cover of Vogue India. Read more

15 breathtaking places to visit in a lifetime

“We have outline the 20 Most Beautiful Places in the World. And yes, all of these are real. We challenge you to read on without reaching for your passport to jet off and see them for yourselves!”  says the Amazing Earth. A celebration of our habitat, this is a gallery of awe-inspiring beauty. From the Ashikaga Flower Park flourishing beauty through Okavango Delta’s real-world Eden to the Dali-like Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia we present you with the world’s 15 absolute real absolutely stunning places you should visit before you stop loving fashion with pure, unconditional love. The kind of love our Earth deserves now more than ever.

Cappadocia, Turkey                                                                                                                      

Cappadocia, an area in Turkey where entire cities have been carved into rock, is pretty incredible on its own. But whenever hot-air balloons pepper the sky, its beauty level simply skyrockets.

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