For men only: how to take care of your beloved, leather, well-crafted shoes

Rule no. 1: women do pay attention to a man’s shoe. Rule no.2: because of rule no.1 make sure to avoid one of the biggest mistake guys make. DO NOT NEGLECT YOUR PRECIOUS. Period.

“Cheap shoes are a false bargain. They’re made of glue, rubber, and low-grade leather, which often bears scars from shrubs, trees, and barbed wire (the normal hazards of bovine life), and which is rejected out of hand by reputable shoemakers. Good shoes begin with great leather, period. Be prepared to pay for it” comments Esquire’s Style Editor. “Of course, once you have invested your hard-earned cash in a quality pair, you’re going to want to hang on to them. Put a little time and effort into looking after them and they’ll last longer than any three pairs of cheap clodhoppers” writes and then it goes on giving us some handy tips on how to take care of our beloved accessory. The leather, well-crafted shoe. ‘Soul Rockstud’ loafer in brushed calf leather by Valentino Garavani. – Available in Luisa World Kolonaki. Read more

Art is in the details

IN BROGUE WE TRUST: Black leather studded drogues by Church’s . -Available at Luisa World Kolonaki, Luisa World Kifissia.

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Flatlining is the height of fashion

Elegenance is refusal as Diana Vreeland and/or Coco Chanel said. It’s also comfort. Nowadays, flat shoes are becoming high fashion -they are domineering. Leather boots by Céline. -Available at Luisa World Kolonaki, Luisa World Kifissia. Leather high boots by Valentino Garavani -Available at Luisa World Kolonaki, Luisa World Kifissia. Read more