StyleHeroine/ Stella McCartney and that sophisticated Zen-like flow

Luisa World‘s collaboration with StyleHeroine for Paris SS/15 has not come to an end. Not yet. There has to be a comfortable twist in this journal. A tell-tale where her, our Heroine, is lost into the world of Stella McCartney, where women want to look pretty, feel nice, a little bit cool, and everything is laid-back. “Everything will flow” sings Brett Anderson over and over. He is so right. The designer’s minimal daywear blends washed silk and denim fir day with vibrant koi fish print organza dresses for later,for those summer crisp, cool summeri night. StyleHeroine, you are on: “Back to the future, on that rainy Monday morning at Stella McCartney show. The show was at 10am and I had a super early wake up call just to wash my hair with Paris’ nasty water and then take forever to blow-dry them.image_1

The result…the depicted bird’s nest. On Mondays the hairdressers in the city d’amour go on vacation and the clumsy us have to fight with our own Medusa-heads and be on time. And thank God, I was on-time to watch Stella’s ethereal creations, gracefully floating around the Opera Garnier, my second favorite place to see the PFW collections.CHLOE_5229 McCartney did present maybe the most comfortable pieces of the season with personal favorites, of course, the silk parachute flight suits. A dream. And I still imagine myself living in this dream for the whole next season. I really don’t know how she does it…STELLA_McCartneyimage_7image_4image_8image_2CHLOE_5289Styleheroine was wearing a Chloe dress and Stella McCartney boots. Available at  Luisa World Kolonaki, Luisa World Kifissia. Photos by Timur Emek