Roman holidays the Bottega Veneta way

Through the years, Bottega Veneta has engaged and partnered with companies who share the brand’s values of exceptional quality, service and exclusivity, as well as a deep respect for the particular culture and sensibility of any given location. – with the result always being an inspired collaboration. The decision to design interiors was a logical and natural step in the evolution of the brand following the launch of its furniture collection, lending individuals the ultimate immersion into the lifestyle of Bottega Veneta, in a decidedly private and luxurious environment. So, when Tomas Maier, the creative director of the Italian luxury house, took over the design of many suites at the St. Regis hotel in Rome, an inspired collaboration happened.


A storied landmark, the St. Regis Grand Hotel Rome was opened in 1894 by the renowned hotelier Cesar Ritz. Designed by architect Giulio Podesti to resemble a private palazzo, the austere façade opens to an opulent interior. In designing the one-of-a-kind Bottega Veneta suite and Rooms “Veneta” and “Canova”, the character of the hotel was respected and the light of Rome was acknowledged through Bottega Veneta light palette colors, smooth and natural materials and signature furniture.


The suite which can be sold separately or connected with the 2 Rooms, consists of a foyer, three bedrooms (two with separate sitting areas), three baths, and a living room with fireplace and three large windows overlooking the city. Rooms are furnished with pieces from the furniture collection as well as home accessory details to further enhance Bottega experience. “We were constantly inspired and exhilarated by the art and the history around us. That is an experience I’d like to share with guests who stay in the suite” explained Maier giving us another reason to fall in love with Rome all over again.


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-Available at Bottega Veneta Boutique, Luisa World Kifissia.

Photos via Bottega Veneta