Within the frame of your visit and navigation to the Website, it is possible that you register individual information and details of your Personal Data.

“ROSSI S.A.” is committed to protect your privacy and Personal Data. We will only use information that we collect legally for you (according to the L. 2742/1997 and L. 3471/2006).

Please note that the use of the Website by your side is subject to this Privacy Policy (or “Policy”) as well as to the Terms of Use of our website. Whenever the Policy uses a term which starts with a capital letter, this term will be defined to the Terms of Use or elsewhere in this Policy.

Our Policy explains which information we collect to the Website, how we use it and/or share it and how this information is kept. By using this Website you indicate that you accept this Policy. Since you do not accept the terms of this Policy, either partially or totally, you should not use this Website. Please note that this Agreement applies only for information which is collected by this Website and not for information which is collected or obtained in other ways or means.

Our Policy secures that any information you provide to us remain secret and secure. In order to reassure you, we appose details here below for the information you provide to us and how it is going to be used or, mainly, not used. Sensitive Personal Data will never be collected by “ROSSI S.A.” for you without your explicit consent.

The information we have will be precise and updated. You can check the information we have for you by contacting us. If you find any inaccuracies we will delete it or correct it immediately and always within the frame of what is defined to the Terms of Use and to the signed contracts between the contracting parties.


We collect Personal Data (PD) which you voluntarily register/upload during your visit, navigation or registration or as a reply to specific information requests which are expressly presented to you. Any electronic addresses are mentioned, they are mentioned only upon request and consent of the Visitor. Therefore, any Personal Data or Personal Information (PI) (e.g. name, surname, electronic address etc) which appear anywhere in the Website are exclusively and solely destined for the security of the Website’s function and are not allowed to be used by a third party, without the compliance of the provisions of L. 2472/1997 and L. 3471/2006 regarding the protection by editing personal data, as it is applied. ROSSI S.A acts according to the current legislation and aims to the better application of good practice regarding Internet.


We can collect your IP (Internet Protocol) address in order to assist us diagnose errors of our server and to administer this Website. The IP address is a number given to your computer when you use the Internet. Your IP address is also used to facilitate your recognition during a specific conference and to collect broad demographic information. We may ask your electronic address during your use of this Website.


All the PD are kept according to the L. 2742/1997 as it is applied today and to any other applicable Law and/or Regulation.

We use the PD in order to provide to you information for the Website and in order to provide to you correctly any services. It is our policy not to sell or dispose any PD to other organizations (apart from the enterprises connected with us) unless if this is requested in order to avoid or to ascertain fraud. In no way shall we sell or rent your PD to anybody for advertising purposes without your consent.

Nevertheless, we can dispose your PD to our representatives and subcontractors (e.g. site’s hosting) in order to facilitate any use of your data which is mentioned in this Policy.

In any case we maintain the right to acknowledge your PD in order to:   

(a) Comply with applicable Laws.

(b) Respond to governmental investigations (or investigations by legal governmental or semi-governmental or local or Internet Protection Authorities of any kind).

(c) Comply with valid legal process.
(d) Protect our rights and property, this Website and/or other users of this Website.

Please note that within the frame of any disposal mentioned above, we can send your information internationally, including states outside the European Economic Area. Some states outside the European Economic Area may have insufficient Laws for the Personal Data Protection or to have different levels for the protection of your personal information, which are not as high as those of Greece. By submitting Personal Information to us, you recognize that, since we have used your data according to what is mentioned in this Policy, we will not bear any responsibility for any use of your data by third parties which receive and process your data.

Cookies are small files which are stored in your Computer and hold your settings and options you have made in our website. They are used to hold your settings (country, items you have seen etc) as well as for our better understanding as to the way of use of our website. Please note that cookies do not harm the Visitors’ computer nor the files into which they are kept.

As the majority of websites in the Internet, so can use cookies to provide to each user information and better services.

For the safe navigation to , “ROSSI S.A.”, being totally conformed with the European Directive 2009/136/EK regarding the protection of personal data and private life in the field of electronic communications and which directive was integrated to the Greek Law by L. 4070/2012 (Α’82/10.4.2012) “Settings of Electronic Communications, Transportation, Public Constructions and other provisions”, clarifies that for the use of cookies the prior consent of the Visitor is a necessary prerequisite. Exception to this rule will only be cookies which serve functional needs of the website (functional cookies) and are necessary for the appearance and the effective function of the webpage to the Visitor’s computer. By accepting the Terms of Use and this Privacy Policy it is presumed that you consent to the use of cookies as above. 

The Personal Data that we have will be kept secure within our systems according to our internal security policy and the Law. We keep data for
five years from the last date that we accessed or used them. Regarding the information transmitted between the Website and/or the Visitors, while we take reasonable measures to secure this information, we may not be able to prevent the unauthorized access to this information by third parties or the unintentional notification of such information during the transmit. The Visitors acknowledge this risk when they contact with the Website.


If there is sale, merger, absorption, consolidation, change of control, transfer of substantial assets, reorganization or liquidation of “”, then, in our absolute discretion, we can transfer, sell or concede information collected by or through this Website (including, indicatively but not limited, the PD and other information) to one or more relevant third parties.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact us at + 00.30 or at the electronic address [email protected]


Please note that this Policy constitutes part of the Terms and Conditions of this Website and the contract between us. We can amend this Policy, at times, totally or partially, in our absolute discretion. Any amendment in this Policy will be valid once the amended Policy is uploaded in the Website. Depending on the nature of the amendment, we may announce the amendment:

  1. to the home page of the Website, or
  2. via e-mail, if we have your email address.

In any case, since you continue using the Website after the amendments, it will be presumed that you accept the said amendments. If you do not agree with the terms of this Policy, as it may be amended at times, totally or partially, you must cease the use of the Website.