Malone Souliers steps into the Luisa World

Malone Souliers steps into the Luisa World

With an creates beautiful shoes for a certain woman.

We have an “intimate understanding of how sensuality, elegance, indulgence, intimacy, confidence and beauty can all be accentuated with each carefully considered colour, texture, line, heel, curve, arch and stitch” Malone Souliers are available in our stores for a brand new era in accessories.

Drawing on the discipline and drive for perfection instilled in her by Olympian dressage, Mary Alice designs primarily in architectural principle, and only secondarily to trend, prioritising an exacting standard from the locus of the heel down to the millimetre of motion.

Malone Souliers is the culmination of Mary Alice’s scrupulous research of the craft, and her dedication to its mastery.

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