Just In: Prada resort ’18 landed in Luisa Kifissia

Just In: Prada resort 18 landed in Luisa Kifissia
“Deep-necklined overcoats, externally emphasized bralettes, high socks pulled up over wickedly proper shoes… ruffle-bibbed blouses and tightly pleated skirts in candy store pastels cut from an organza-like transparent Japanese fabric… metal and transparency” writes Vogue’s Luke Leitch of the Italian house first ever Resort fashion show which was held in the Prada-owned Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II.

“I never wanted to write ‘cruise’… for me a show is a show… but they said it is better to understand so I said okay” said the iconic designer Miuccia Prada after the show.

“Prada said that presenting a ‘modernist’ collection was her primary aim” adds Leitch. “The space we were in is formally known as the ‘Osservatorio’ and was acquired by Fondazione Prada as an 10 euro per-entry arts space to complement its less central monumental headquarters. Within it, this collection made for a fine exhibit of Miuccia Prada’s ongoing pendulum—this one leaned on the pretty side—between her multiple poles of inspiration. And for those who could not recognize them, the black Prada label belt that cinched the waist of many of these looks acted as signature”.

Discover the evolution of Prada exclusively in Luisa Kifissia.

Photos via Prada Instagram