Gucci’s blooming tale

“It began with a thunderclap” says Business Of Fashion of Alessandro Michele’s Gucci universe, a realm that is both overpowering and insinuating.  “I become mad sometimes,” Michele admitted. “Looking at a 1970’s way to do fabric from the 18th century. Trying to use this kind of vocabulary to write a new story” he said of this gorgeous chaos of “old and young, old and new, done and unfinished, shiny and dull, prim and louche, magical and terrifying”. It’s true, Gucci is back with a vengeance and it is retro and fresh. Laden with details, his collections are like a living history of Italy and we dare you to find a better way to shout out at the everlasting beauty that is spring. Floral print silk shirt by Gucci, embroidered ankle flare pant by Gucci, belt with ‘double G buckle’ by Gucci, ‘Dionysus GG Supreme’ embroidered bag by Gucci, ‘Princetown’ leather slippers by Gucci.– Available at Luisa World Kifissia.


Silk and cotton embroidered jacket by Gucci, ankle flare pant by Gucci,  ‘Princetown’ fur-lined leather slippers by Gucci. – Available at Luisa World Kifissia.


Embroidered gown by Gucci, ‘Dionysus GG Supreme’ canvas shoulder bag by Gucci.  – Available at Luisa World Kifissia.


Embroidered silk jacket by Gucci, embroidered track pants by Gucci, ‘Princetown’ leather slippers by Gucci. – Available at Luisa World Kifissia.