Gisele is the muse of the eternal spring for WSJ Magazine

“Gisele Bündchen likes Dunkin’ Donuts” reports Wall Street Journal Magazine on it’s latest muse, the renowned Brazilian supermodel turned activist Bündchen.

“Supermodel, entrepreneur, ethereal priestess of fashion, fitness and fabulosity” Bündchen, 37, loves yoga, meditation, her family, the planet and she is about to share the secrets to a life of meaning with her upcoming book Lessons.

“I have heard horror stories,” says Bündchen about sexual harassment in the modeling industry. “I think this is an important moment for women in the world…. It’s the end of this patriarchal thing” notes Bündchen who starts her day with meditation.

“Let’s be present. Let’s share. That’s the most important thing for me…. I come from a family of eight and it was the best time when we all sat together. Everybody would want to talk” she says.

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“I’m an optimistic person. I believe that what we give energy to is what grows. If you focus on positivity and this higher, lighter vibration of love and good things, they will eventually come.”

Embrace the class and beauty of being not yourself but a part of this global humane community like she does.

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