Enchanting spells: Frederick Malle’s seven products to own

Enchanting spells: Frederick Malle's seven products to own
Enter the seductive world of Frederick Malle, the renowned perfumer who proudly continues his family tradition full of enchanting senses.
From the all-time classic Portrait of a Lady, Dominique Porion’s body oil through Cologne Indeledible which never fades to Carlos Benaïm’s Eau de Magnolia we present you with seven products that will wake up the inner you and the story behind their seductive spell.

Cologne Indeledible, body wash created by Dominique Ropion

A cologne that never fades. One of Dominique Ropion’s most enigmatic compositions: a paradox built around an overdose of modern white musks – a sophisticated version of those found in many skincare products – and topped by the freshness of neroli, orange blossom and bergamot. Familiar yet magnetic, innocent yet erotic, incredibly clean yet pulsating with sensuality, it is the perfect scent for a refreshing body line that envelopes the skin in an enduring trail that lasts forever…

 Bigarade Concentree, body wash created by Jean-Claude Ellena

Marked by the lightness, transparency and freshness that are characteristic of an Eau de Cologne, this original composition by Jean-Claude Ellena is transcended by the addition of a novel bitter orange essence, obtained by molecular distillation. Built on a singular bitter freshness, an excess of citric notes, a touch of rose and a woody base of hay and cedar reinforce its unique and natural structure. More perfuming than Cologne Bigarade, Bigarade Concentrée exudes a lasting natural freshness.

Eau de Magnolia, body wash created by Carlos Benaïm

This time the conversation between Frédéric Malle and Carlos Benaïm revolved around the headspace analysis of the magnolia and the fact that this flower is closer to an Eau de Cologne than to a classic flower. Carlos then suggested magnifying the citric balance of the magnolia to enhance the Eau de Cologne effect and to add a woody vibration to give it depth and sensuality. The result is a fresh chypre, an extraordinarily transparent and very natural smelling note, enlivened by a dark base (vetiver, patchouli) that conveys a touch of mystery. A timeless summer perfume.

Enchanting spells: Frederick Malle's seven products to own

Carnal Flower, after sun balm created by Dominique Ropion

If nature offers olfactive clashes, tuberose is probably the best example of these. These pretty flowers exude an almost carnal smell, superimposing in a quasi-miraculous way flower-shop freshness, camphorous violence – spicy and animalic – and milky sweetness. This mysterious equilibrium has always fascinated perfumers. 18 months were necessary for Dominique Ropion to create a modern version of that theme, an “olfactive Everest” that only the most talented perfumers are capable of reaching.

Iris Poudre, body butter created by Pierre Bourdon

Iris expresses raw classical beauty. Tonka bean, musk and vanilla bring softness and warmth, while the base of sandalwood and vetiver adds a melodious resonance. The unparalleled quality of the raw materials used and Pierre Bourdon’s skills make of Iris Poudre a perfume that always evolves and from which one never tires. If Iris Poudre were a garment, it would be a cashmere sweater – classic but personal. A magnificent floral aldehydic.

Enchanting spells: Frederick Malle's seven products to own

Portrait of a Lady, body and hair oil created by Dominique Ropion

A seductive classic – bursting with a unique concentration of rose, amber, blackcurrant and raspberry – is unleashed in a select blend of oils (apricot kernel, evening primrose, jojoba). With just a few drops, your skin is instantly enhanced and softened, your hair radiant. Portrait of a Lady hair and body oil is a new dimension in beauty, for a living, breathing Scheherazade.

Enchanting spells: Frederick Malle's seven products to own

Un Gardenia La Nuit, perfume gun created by Dominique Ropion

Composed by Dominique Ropion and based on headspace analysis, a very modern technology, that captures and reproduces the secrets of nature, whether it is the scents of flowers or even exotic places, Un Gardenia la Nuit diffuses the almost carnal smell of the eponymous flower. One can recognize the milky, spicy, fruity but also fresh and green smell that gardenias exude on a summer night.