Dries Van Noten and his greatness grace the cover of New York Times

“Dries Van Noten is one of those rare people who actually resembles his photographs” writes New York Times on the Belgian fashion designer, one of T Magazine’s Greats.

“He is slim but not skinny, tallish but not tall, graying but not gray, with a spare, symmetrical, planar face and small, dark eyes. His hair is neat, parted to one side and scraped back from his forehead, but the effect — like that of his white button-down shirt — feels less severe than, somehow, touching; one can see in him the echoes of the good Catholic schoolboy he once was”.

The magazine profiles the 59 years old designer who has already created “64 seasons of men’s wear, 60 seasons of women’s”and his European juxtapositions that make his label an avant-garde portfolio of an intimate master of style.

“Van Noten’s great gift is color. No living designer understands it as well as he does; no other designer has such a rich vocabulary of tone and hue that certain shades, once seen, are impossible to associate with anything other than his clothes” writes Hanya Yanagihara on the artistry go being Van Noten.

“Artists, no matter how well they might learn to project otherwise, are rarely humble people. Or rather, they are and they aren’t — to be an artist is, often, to live in the thin, unhappy space between arrogance and self-hatred, with one word tipping you over the line in one direction or another. Maybe that’s not the case for Van Noten, who doesn’t brag, doesn’t boast. But for a few seconds, he didn’t speak. His handsome face twitched into a suggestion of a frown. He stared at the dress as he’d stared at that rose, that rose that had so surprised him”.

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