Debbie Harry crowned Style Icon eventually

Debbie Harry, front woman of rock band Blondie, was crowned a fashion icon at London’s Elle Style Awards, and she thanked her punk influences for defining her style.

“Coming from the punk point of view, which was very deconstructionist, destructive, and disrespectful, you have to find something in yourself that makes you feel a lot of different ways” she told Reuters at the red carpet event late Monday.

“So you have to feel beautiful, you have to feel comfortable. I have to feel sexy.”

“From wearing a zebra print scarf as a dress and Andy Warhol’s iconic ‘Bad’ T-shirt, to her bleached white hair and statement black eyeliner, Debbie Harry never veers far from the list of the world’s most cult style icons” writes ELLE’s Kattie O’ Malley.

“But, for the 71-year-old, style is more about mood, than clothes”.

“It’s always been about the mood for me. I feel like I have to dress [in something] so that I forget I’m wearing it” Harry said.

“I have to be so comfortable and feel so wonderful in something that I forget I’m wearing it and just feel in the mood and the moment,’ she added revealing that Blondie’s 11th studio album, “Pollinator” will be available in May.


The British star is a living proof that true style is timeless -especially if your heart is made of indestructible glass.