Christy Turlington & Cameron Russell against fashion’s sexual predators

Christy Turlington Burns and Cameron Russell, two of the most iconic models in their very own and unique way are no strangers to activism for a better world. Now the two fashion’s A-listers are on a task to break down the fashion industry’s “predators”.

“I can say that harassment and mistreatment have always been widely known and tolerated in the industry. The industry is surrounded by predators who thrive on the constant rejection and loneliness so many of us have experienced at some point in our careers” she told Women’s Wear Daily.

“There were many times I could not believe who I was left under the care of on early trips to Milan, Paris or London. I would get off of a flight and find some creepy playboy type there to meet me.”

The former supermodel, who is married to actor-director Ed Burns, said her mother was often by her side in the early days and once she grew successful, “I was handled with extra care.”

“There were no chaperones on sets to monitor the hours worked or appropriateness of the themes of shoots and behavior of the crews, no tutors required or penalties if standards were broken,” said Turlington, one of fashion’s most iconic faces since the ’80s.

Turlingston, 48, said that “in hindsight, I fear I may have played the honeypot” because of her status. “I might have been the assurance that made other young women feel safer. If I’d known how these men thought and behaved, I might have done more to stay clear of them”.

Burns went on to earn her master’s degree in public health and has a nonprofit organization that trains midwives in Guatemala.

The renowned model accused the fashion industry of being “surrounded by predators” in the wake of the Harvey Weinstein scandal and although she never suffered any traumatic abuse herself, Turlington’s worlds are harsh for the fashion industry and modelling.

Earlier this week Cameron Russell begun her campaign to expose sexual predators in the fashion world.

Russell, 30, launched an appeal for models’ testimonies a week ago. In those days more than 79 separate anonymised allegations are posted on her Instagram account under the hashtag #MyJobShouldNotIncludeAbuse.

Russell is “speaking with lawyers” about her next steps in outing sexual predators.

“Hearing about #harveyweinstein this week has sparked conversations about how widespread and how familiar his behavior is. Nothing in these stories should be a revelation for those working in our industry. Instead it was the beginning of a power shift” posted Russell.

“We are not talking about one, five, or even twenty men. We are talking about a culture of exploitation and it must stop” she added.

In the harrowing allegations  photographers, stylists and others are accused of raping mainly young women but men as well. Other accounts include sexual assault and most detail an abuse of power while victims are warned not to report their experiences or risk losing work reports Telegraph.

“The fashion industry is potentially ripe for the kind of ‘casting couch’ allegations levelled against Weinstein, himself a regular at the side of catwalks and whose wife runs the Marchesa fashion label. In 2014, the fashion photographer Terry Richardson was accused of sexual exploitation by a number of models – claims he denied. Mr Richardson has carried on working with no seeming impediment to his career.

“You are basing a story off of random comments on Instagram and old stories that have already been addressed” Richardson’s spokesman. “Terry is an artist who is known for his sexually explicit work and all of the subjects of his work participated consensually”.

The fight continues.