Celebrate spring with a bang

“Photography is about an understanding of the world around us. It’s a series of questions and no answers and that is just as it should be. I’m quite happy for it to be all the shades of gray and no black and white. I don’t think that should be simplified. Simplification in life is totally wrong.” The words of Nick Knight, the renowned photographer behind the SHOWSTUDIO dream machine and long-time collaborator of Alexander McQueen has consistently challenging conventional notions of beauty. In his vibrant Explosion series, the 56-year-old photographer brought to life one eruptions of color burst towards the viewer.

Using an accessible medium that is typically associated with fine art, Knight found a way to stop time as lively paints scattered into splatters of color. As the liquids quickly dispersed throughout the air, this influential artist whose career is associated with London’s emerging counter-cultural elite encourages his viewers to look at regular products like paint in new and creative ways. the eye of the beholder can only speculate over what they see.

Is it a flower? A burst of stars in the sky? There is no correct answer to what Nick Knight creates and that’s the power few photographers acquire.

via Slow Show