Athens by day, Athens by night. Athens at its best.

Agia Irini Square may be the most hyped place in Athens at the moment but this city of the Gods is no stranger to numerous hyped cocktail and coffee joints that will make your spirits alive and kicking. LUISAWORLD knows where to go for an all-day and night fun fest. Join the most eclectic crowd and enjoy the living under the big, blue Athenian sky.

The Dalliance House: Built around the 1890s for the needs of a bourgeois family, The Dalliance House nowadays is housing an all day restaurant, café/bar for all to enjoy. According to “reviving the old, a contemporary meeting point has been created. Merging antique elements, clashing materials and an all day lounge attitude, the design team has created a whimsical space that heightens the senses and absolutely begs for some old fashioned flirting”. (


42 Bar: Located in an atmospheric alley, this is a well hidden downtown spot with a shady plane tree and an intimate interior space. A favourite spot to have your aperitivo in Athens, 42 ‘s cocktail menu is renewed four times a year, presenting blends for each different season and occasion. (42 bar)


48 urban garden: A new entry, this bar-restaurant is located in an urban garden inside the Ileana Tounta Contemporary Art Center. Really cool place in contemporary design, interesting street food and tasetful cocktails will have you wanting for more. (


Nixon: Located in the forgotten urban but now reviving part of the city, in the district of Kerameikos, Nixon serves one of the best hamburgers in town while the post-drinks concept is a constant alluring proposition to nightlife vultures in Athens. (


Island club restaurant: For years now the Island has been the favourite entertainment spot for those who crave for ambiance, style and quality during the summer months in Athens. The stunning natural beauty of the Island’s location and the exquisite décor make it unique. It is the club which the foreign press has repeatedly made mention of in its reporting about Greece, while many well-known international personalities visit it while in Athens.(


Gazarte: A live stage on the ground floor with events and live performances by numerous musicians and artists from around the globe, Gazarte’s restaurant-bar is located on the first floor serving not only well-cooked dishes but a true urban experience. The impressive views of the Gazi area with the old gasworks factory through the vast glass windows are perfect for THAT selfie of yours. (


Kiki de Grèce: Wine bar, with a list of interesting wines and a cuisine with a unique blend of Greek raw materials located in a small cute pedestrian street just behind Syntagma square.(


Giasemi: A hidden treasure, this small pretty and cozy cafe is located in Plaka, a beautiful area of old buildings nestled against the Acropolis. Enjoy homemade cakes and sweets whilst drinking your hot chocolate during winter time or enjoying greek tsipouro during summer. (