Alber Elbaz x Frédéric Malle’s “alchemistry” of beauty

Alber Elbaz x Frédéric Malle's "alchemistry" of beauty

The illustrious fashion designer Alber Elbaz has met his match in the perfume world. The renowned fashion designer has partnered with fragrance legend Frédéric Malle for his latest Editions de Parfums -a selection of scents created by some of the world’s greatest perfumers and sold under their own names as part of a “library” of Malle’s fragrances.

A classic floral aldehydic perfume Superistitious structures Elbaz’s free-flowing vision of an elaborate fabric in which everyone can find their own beauty: Turkish rose oil and Egyptian jasmine, enhanced by a touch of peach, rest on a bed of amber and frankincense imbued with Haitian vetiver. A final touch of aldehydes sharpens the perfume’s opulence with an urban edge.

 “I had admired Alber’s work for a long time, at Yves Saint Laurent and then at Lanvin. I always loved when my wife Marie wore his dresses” says Malle in Vogue. “Later I found out that Alber had been buying my perfumes to give as gifts for the women he loved. We didn’t really know each other, but we did have a mutual friend, Élie Top, so I asked Élie to give me Alber’s number and invited him to lunch”.

Alber Elbaz x Frédéric Malle's "alchemistry" of beauty

“When Alber and I finally met each other in person, we found we had so much more in common than just admiring each other’s work. We share many of the same preferences and many of the same concepts of beauty. When we began working together we found that out of hundreds of perfume samples, we both liked the same two…I loved this process as I realised that, without planning it, we went back to the way great classics, such as Miss Dior or Chanel No.5 were made, respectively by Jean Charles and Ernest Beaux, then offered to Mademoiselle Chanel and to Monsieur Dior. A finished product. And as well as an old process, the scent is something of the past too, because no-one makes floral aldehydics anymore.”

Alber Elbaz x Frédéric Malle's "alchemistry" of beauty

“When we started the perfume I thought we already have something in mind, we already know what we want. We just had to reach the same conclusion” adds Elbaz. “But that turned out to be easy. During the process, I did not receive one email from him and he did not receive one email from me. It was all done over some phone calls, some texting, and mostly the discussions we had during our two-hour lunches. And I think we had five or six lunches. But what we had in the end actually was a story. It was not just a mix of the two of us, of me and Frédéric, it was more of a chemistry, an alchemistry even, between two people, two ideas, two worlds that came together and became one. So it’s almost like one plus one equals three.”

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