Luisa is aware of the times and that’s why she places style where it belongs. In the universe she lives in. The way we connect and feel each other, the textiles we like to have our bodies touched by, the forms and the palette of the season is the mood board of LUISA World, an ever evolving brand, the absolute gazette of interest of Greece’s premium family-run business.

Since current Chairman and founder of LUISA, Mr. Zafiris Tsourekas, established the retail company ROSSI SA in 1975, LUISA shops became the synonym to avant-garde mix of high-end mens and womenswear. Sophisticated labels can be found in combination with fun-loving casual attire, which appeal to the elegant men and women of today, to those modern people who are not just into fashion.

They define, therefore, they adore it.

The What, How, Which, Why and OMG’s in the world of smart, stylish yet thoughtful lifestyle are some of the elements that define LUISA’s World. Committed to the highest standard of creativity, innovation, service and design LUISA leads the way in sourcing the most desirable and cutting-edge designer labels either online through Farfetch’s shopping network or offline, in person. With character.

The company owning 2 multi brand luxury boutiques in Athens in the districts of Kolonaki (where the shop in shop corners of Bottega Veneta, Celine and Valentino are located) and Kifisia, the LUISA BEACH Mykonos resort boutique LUISA BEACH Mykonos in Psarou beach, and the mono brand boutique of Bottega Veneta is undeniably Greece’s premium luxury fashion authorized retailer for designer collections of premium pride.

LUISA World is here to offer the style-savvy customer unrivaled access to the expertly edited hottest looks of the season from international cutting-edge labels and the eclectic fashion experience that will prove what the amazing Audrey Hepburn once quoted.

“Elegance is a beauty that never fades”.

We totally approve.