A magical cube on top of the world

Sweden’s stylish new treehouse brought new meaning to treehouse holidays. The trend that is going up in the world has met its futuristic version with Treehotel in frozen Lapland. Imagine being there on the veranda on a summer evening reading a P. D. James novel. Or listening to the Lykke Li’s album with the stove purring gently as her dark voice. Imagine looking out over a massive pine forest as the sinking sun reflects on the river. Well, stop imagine and start living it.treehotel3

When Treehotel opened in Swedish Lapland, just outside the small village of Harads, it was destined to change leisure big time. The creation of Britta and Kent Lindvall started as a demonstration that forstry has value beyond supplying timber. This high design Treehouse is a back to the most stylish nature retreat where anyone will switch off and calm any worries away.Tree-Hotel1

And then, you disappear.

As the Mirrorcube seems to float in the forest you are more than certain that this glass box is the most striking of the treehouses as it is pure magic. Melting itself into the vauna and the horizon, high in the forest the only when you enter the near-invisible door the chic plywood interior will warm your spirit. Light and airy, with the enviromentally-friendly facilities that are required this treehouse is for grown-ups and the birds in all of us.treehotel_mirrorcube_ext_05Treehotel-7treehotel90112242-treehoteltreehotel9tree_hotel_sweden_t160210_4

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For some hauntingly Lykke Li, just hit play

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